Key West Fishing 05-07-16

In Key West, this is the time of year when the angling is hot no matter where you go. With the pleasant weather this week, we have really had some extraordinary fishing. The best news this week is that our charters have begun to reel in 40 to 50 lb. Mahi Mahi instead of 15 lb. Mahi - an indication that the Mahi migration is now in full swing. The Sailfish had already been running great; on the Outcast, our own Capt. Smith saw his party haul in 3 of these fighting billfish today.

This is prime Permit spawning season, so I piloted the Coolcast to the Gulf coast side to catch some of these excellent game fish at a 35-foot-deep wreck. We were successful using both fly rods and spinning rods, pulling in six total Permit.

This weather, and the angling, is so fantastic in the Keys, you can pick and choose what type of charter you prefer. If you want to use light tackle, we can fish the harbor for Tarpon or the reefs and wrecks for spawning Permit. If you'd like to do some deepwater trolling, we can venture south to fish for Mahi Mahi or Sailfish. On the Coolcast tomorrow, we're going to follow a shrimp vessel to cast for Blackfin Tuna.

We look forward to seeing you in Key West,

Captain Chris Garcia